I am a firm believer that Yammer has it’s place as an ESN in the market. But like General Motors, it needs regroup and realise that the world is no longer as small as it once was.

Getting the ESN message right is where Microsoft failed Yammer, like they did SharePoint. Microsoft first and foremost used to be and still is a Technology company. SharePoint was positioned as part of “core” infrastructure which meant that it belonged to IT. The was the first mistake. Touting that the product fixes things was its second mistake.

The discipline behind building a proper knowledge economy within a company for the most part, never really understood and the why is a distant figment of someone’s imagination. Productivity Enrichment needs to be unpacked, opportunity costs associated with performing tasks measured, etc all have to be visited when implementing products like SharePoint and Yammer, but it rarely gets done. Its always someone’s idea after watching a YouTube vid or attending a conference. And Presto, you have a Unicorn product.

Ergo: There has to be a strategy.


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