That’s because nobody ever found SharePoint fun. Its been functional and people have used it for productivity enrichment, even if it wasn’t as good as the other products. Remember, SharePoint had and still has a purpose, at the base of its existence.

Microsoft in 2006 released a whitepaper called “ Enterprise Content Management Breaking the Barriers to Broad User Adoption” which positioned the product as an ECM tool. Back then, Document Management and Process Management were the sexy concepts and SharePoint handled this cheaply, compared to insanely licensed products like OpenText’s Livelink, IBM Content Manager, FileNet, Documentum, etc.

I agree with you completely on the viability of Yammer at the time of acquisition and how cool the product was. Microsoft ruined that when it became all about sales.

SharePoint, well SharePoint Online is very cool right now. Its the entire cloud ecosystem that’s cool. Microsoft has rebooted CoolsVille and has become the Mayor.


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